The Seder

A great family and friend Haggadah for beginners as well as anyone looking to honor the Seder tradition AND eat before ten o’clock.  Laura Stillman Carraro’s cut paper collage illustrations offer a delightful interpretation of the Exodus from Egypt while provoking further reflection by the viewer. Purchase your copies now.

This Haggadah grew out of our desire to fulfill the rite of telling the story of Exodus while capturing the attention and imagination of all who sat around the Seder table; the 90-year-old who was a bar mitzvah long ago and the six-year-old who may never have attended such a ritual filled meal but has begun to read; a simple tale that gains complexity with each telling.  We wanted it to be accessible, understandable, and relatable to all.

The purpose of any Haggadah is to provide the structure for the Seder during which we are to feel like we too suffered as slaves in Egypt and were brought out of bondage so many years ago.  As we read the prayers and the text around them we can’t help but add our own context, making the story our own. (The story becomes part of us, becomes OUR story.)

Laura’s collage is the perfect complement to this story.  Her work inspires people’s imaginations and invites them to create their own interpretation of what is taking place.  And that is what The Seder intends to do.  Provoke thought.  Even inanimate objects take on life in Laura’s torn paper creations.  The parsley is so real that you can smell it, and of course the real thing IS on the table before you.  Children will delight in the recognition; adults will delight in the wonder of the artist’s product.

Passover is also about inviting people in and so, we thought, should this Haggadah. If you grew up conducting the more traditional Seder you will recall the Rabbis staying up all night, taking apart passages, a line or word at a time.  Discussion, the provoking of thought, is a crucial part of the Seder and if it is achieved within the confines of a half hour, then, to us, the Seder is a success.

Chag Sameach!

Liz and Laura

Laura Stillman Carraro has been using collage to recreate images and events for over twenty years. She uses a vast collection of papers from a multiple of sources ranging from art supply stores to discarded scraps blowing about on the street. You can see more of her artwork at her website

Liz Kaplan has been gathering friends and family from all religious backgrounds and of all ages, around her dining room table for years, adding leaves and additional tables as needed. She created a Haggadah for each Seder, aiming to honor the tradition while paring it down to what was comfortable for her family and her guests.

Tom Sobolik specializes in architectural, corporate and editorial photography. While primarily working digitally, he still shoots film on request. You can see his work at his website